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Living areas, customised aesthetics. Mazzoni Studio d’Interni lets you freely express your style.
The dedication, the passion for design and the experience accumulated over the years mean that any project is catered for creatively, making your dreams come true, with particular care in terms of detail, taste and quality.
There follows an image gallery with some of our most recent creations.

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Residenza privata Empoli
lido3 lido4 lido6 lido1 lido2 lido7 lido5 lido8 lido9
pietrasanta2 pietrasanta4 pietrasanta5 pietrasanta3 pietrasanta1
pisa1 pisa6 pisa2 pisa5 pisa4 pisa8 pisa7 pisa9 pisa3 pisa13 pisa10 pisa14 pisa16 pisa11 pisa17 pisa12 pisa15
Residenza privata Ponte a Egola
Residenza privata Stibbio
Showroom aziendale Firenze
Showroom aziendale San Miniato
Showroom aziendale San Miniato Macelleria
santacroce3 santacroce7 santacroce4 santacroce5 santacroce1 santacroce8 santacroce2 santacroce6 santacroce9 santacroce14 santacroce15 santacroce12 santacroce13 santacroce11 santacroce16 santacroce10
Cantina Castelfiorentino

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